The “finished” blanket

Okay, what I’m about to share now makes me really disappointed and sad. When I came home from Finland I decided to crochet a blanket for Benjam. I had him pick out whatever colors he wanted and ordered the yarns on the internet. I intentionally ordered less because I’m pretty new to this and didn’t really know how big of a blanket I’m going to get with a certain amount of yarn. So I started with the blanket. When I used almost all of my original 16+8 yarns (16 blue-gray, 8 white) I was going to order more. But.. On the store where I ordered them before they didn’t have the white anymore. So I ordered the blue-gray from there and more white from another store. They were supposed to send me both orders sometime in January since they had some kind of Christmas break. But earlier this week I recieved an email from the store where I bought the original 24 yarns and now ordered more blue-gray there, saying that the company isn’t making that color anymore. -.-

So a blanket that was supposed to be 110×190 is only 110×115. 😦

Note to self: NEVER buy yarn on the internet anymore.

Anyway, here’s the blanket.