Couple photos

Here you can see two sets of photos. The first ones are taken on Sunday by our good friend – thanks Romča! 🙂 And the other set is taken yesterday, on Monday, and well – thanks self-timer! We had a great time taking all of them, even though at some points it got “a bit” cold. Here they are! 😉



Hello everyone!

So my long expected phone case finally arrived yesterday! The problem was, that the first one didn’t come to my adress, so I contacted the seller and he sent it again. Then it came in a few days. I had a few people ask where I bought it. It’s from ebay and the case is called: Hot Pink Premium PU Leather Wallet Case with Floral Interior. They have them designed for many different phones and I believe there’re different colors as well.

Anyway, I’m very satisfied with this case. I fell in love with it immediately when I found it on the internet and I just had to have it. My boyfriend says it fits my personality. 😀 One boy asked if it’s not annoying with such a big case. No. I rather have a big case than a broken phone (I know myself! :P)

What do you guys think about the case? 🙂