#tbt as in “throwback thursday”? I decided to give my thursday an another name. And guess what’s behind the hashtag tst? It stands for a “totally stressful thursday”! I have not done so many things in one day for quite some time! I’ve been recieving, picking up and sending packages all day round, was at school, driving school, now I had a little coffee break and will continue with studying for two tests I’m gonna have tomorrow. It maybe doesn’t sound as much but I literally didn’t stop for more than 10 minutes today. Uhh, I just needed to share my pain (:D) with somebody!

Do you often have busy days as well? 🙂


Day 21 (Grattitude Challenge)

Today I should be reflecting on the 21-day grattitude challenge. Obviously, I wasn’t writing about every single day, and I didn’t even think about doing it some of the days because I was so busy. But I tried to do my best to keep in mind what it said. During the last month or so I tried to notice people around me that don’t often get people’s attention as much as they’d maybe need to, I focused on discovering my own talents, my personality and also took time to appreciate all the little things I’m blessed with. It’s been a great time. I feel like I’ve grown a lot in being me. And that’s what I was expecting from the challenge! I definitely encourage everyone to try it as well.

Hope you’re all having a great November! 🙂


WHAT?! Is it fall again??



I have to admit that when I was growing up (to specify, when I was a teenager), I hated fall. I actually hated winter and spring as well. I always wanted summer. And in the summer I complained that it’s too hot. “Girls -.-” 😀 Anyway, during the last few years I’ve been realizing that there’s something fun and beautiful about every season. And the fall brings sweater-weather and colorful leaves everywhere around! I went out today to take some photos. I didn’t get to go any more beautiful places, even though I know a few, since I knew I had to be back soon to study. But hopefully I’ll get some good shots still this year.

Anyway, here’re a few from today. It’s no special place, but it’s beautiful to me. Because those places carry memories in them. I grew up playing on that field, in elementary we used to go pick the dog rose fruit and made bracelets and necklaces out of it, or picked the leaves and created something out of them. So, do you like them? 🙂