Take a picture of one thing, person, place or specific moment that makes you feel grateful. Share it with
your social network.

My boyfriend took this picture this summer and he always laughs about it and says that it’s unbelievable how that one day became the best day of the summer, even if we didn’t really do anything. Here’s the story:

I don’t remember what day it was, but Benjam came home from work one afternoon. It was a quite cold, rainy and windy summer day. Everyday in the summer we went outside at least for a while, biking, walking or just drove to a random place. That day he thought we could go to the beach. It was raining a bit, and blowing a lot and so the waves were pretty big. Plus a beautiful sunset. I don’t know why, but there on the rainy day with water even in my shoes, hugged by my boyfriend, I named that day the best day of the summer.

Enjoy simple things in life. Because those are often the ones you’ll remember the most!

Have a great week!




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