Negative things (Day 4)

In my life and many other people’s lives there are things that are positive and things that are negative. Today in my grattitude challenge I’m supposed to write a mesage to those negative things.

I personally think it’d better to concentrate on the positive things, and leave the negative behind. That does not mean that my life is be perfect, but it can mean that when I stop concentrating and crying about on hateful comments or laughs as I walk past a stranger, my life will be much easier, because I know I’m not defined by the things they say, but instead I’m defined by what I believe. And that’s maybe the reason why I can’t think about any negative things now. It took me quite some time to stop concentrating on the negatives and it was a good move! I can honestly say that I’ve only been getting better since then!

For example, I always got hurt when people didn’t approve my life goals. Family, teachers, friends. But then I stopped concentrating on the negatives (their disagreement) and started to concentrate on the positives instead (trying to get better at what I’m good at and what I’d one day love to do in life). I have to say I’ve grown a lot in knowing myself and being myself. And I’m much happier! People still don’t agree with me, but I don’t mind, because I know that I’m gonna do well in the future. 🙂

I feel like all of those grattitude challenge posts get really confusing. I’m sorry. 🙂



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