Earlier this week my mom left for a business trip and I’m home alone until tomorrow night. I decided to get things done here. I had no idea what I’m commiting to!

First of all I go to school every day, second, I have a dog I have to take for walks few times a day, we have fish that has to be fed and their light turned of for nights. Plus +++ I’m graduating this year, as I have and will mention still many times in the near future so there’s a lot of work preparing for it. Studying the subjects I will graduate from from the very beginning, make notes, while still preparing for tests and doing homework. And reading books for graduation. Take all of that and add things like laundry, dishes, dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors and still tidying up my room, closet, my sisters closet, showering the dog, watering all flowers, shopping and the list goes on… What I found most interesting was that I LIKE IT! Yeah, I have to admit I feel a bit weird about it but I like it. I’ve never gotten so many things done in such a short time and still stay positive and able to hold my eyes open! It kind of fills me with new energy to see the work behind me. 😀

This weekend I decided not to visit my friends, neither hang out with my boyfriend (he’s going to the mountains with some of his friends) but instead I’ll spend the whole weekend with school work. I’m planning to schedule some coffee dates with friends in between so that I survive. Let’s hope for the best! 😀



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