5k Challenge (Day 4)


Hi everyone,

a little update for my Nike+ 5k Challenge. The first 3 days are behind me, today is a rest day so I can look back and see how I feel about it.:)

Day 2 was a 2,5km run. Day 3 a bike ride. I have to admit it was not easy, and I walked for a while, but I made it. I also kept eating quite well since I started the challenge (or maybe since chocolate got so expensive? 🙂 ) I’m not trying to starve myself, be super heathy or anything, I’m just trying to not eat so much candy and instead more fruits and vegetables. My main goal for this challenge isn’t to lose weight, but to start doing something regularly. I can see that now (and also through the summer already) I learned to go out more often than before. It feels good to be outside and get some fresh air every day!

Tomorrow I start again after the rest day. Good luck to me! 😀




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