Hardcore travellers

If I could travel back in time and give an advice to myself, it’d probably be: “Check if there’s good connections between your flight and trains before you order it.” Our (my and Benjam’s) journey back to Czech Republic from Finland was quite an experience.

On Thursday morning we woke up around 10. It was time to get ready to go back. We packed our bags, went on some last minute coffee “dates” with friends and then we were just waiting for our train. At midnight Benjam’s mom drove us to the train station and at 0:44 our journey officially begun. I love travelling and sleeping on the train, but if there’s a drunk boy behind you having weird sounds and throwing up it immediately becomes less pleasent to be there (Ew. I hate those kind of people!).Since it was a night train we had to suffer longer than usual – for about 7 hours.

On Friday morning we arrived to the Helsinki trainstation, put our luggage in some locker and went for a walk around Helsinki. With a sleepless night it’s not so much fun to walk around the place but it’s at least better than sitting at a trainstation. At 3 in the afternoon we took a bus to the airport and waited for another 4 hours to get on our plane. At half past 8 in the evening we were in Prague, took a bus to the trainstation there and locked our bags again.

We went for a short walk around Prague, and after that around maybe 1 in the night (Saturday already!), happy that we will soon be able to sleep a bit on some bench on the trainstation we came there and.. it was CLOSED!!! We went to ask the guard and he said it’s closed until 3. Apperantly they close it because of the homeless people that come there and there were no trains in the night. We saw other people sitting outside on benches, waiting, so we sat too. We were freezing on a bench for about 2 hours and when they finally opened we went to sit inside. For some reason it was really cold there and so we were freezing for 2 more hours. When the first cafeteria opened we went to sit there. After that we picked our stuff up from our locker and went to get on our train. Oh how I love the RegioJet trains. If everything went wrong on our trip so far, that train was like a blessing. 😀 You come in, they welcome you, you get comfy leather seats, much better (and also MUCH cheaper than in Finland), they offer you coffee, tea, apple juice, newspaper, etc. Oh, I almost forgot the wifi connection. It takes about 3 hours to get where we needed and I couldn’t sleep on the train for some reason. When we arrived in Ostrava we had to wait for some time still before our friend came to pick us up. When we arrived at Benjam’s home we gave each others stuff back (it was quite tricky to fit all of our stuff with weight limit of 20kg/person), went to the store and had some food. I then slept for a bit over one hour and then we went for a birthday party. I got to bed at maybe 10PM. On Saturday. I woke up on Thursday morning, remember? 😀

Here are a few photos from our “hardcore” trip.



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