Birthday surprise!


My 19th birthday is coming up quite soon, and so Benjam decided to “give” me my birthday present some days earlier, when we’re still in Finland. I knew we were gonna go somewhere but I had absolutely no idea where, until the very last moment of a 2,5 hour drive to the Ähtäri Zoo! 

Why do you take a 19 year old to the zoo? Well, the whole summer in Finland I’ve really wanted to see a moose and a bear. Not necessarily meet them (!), but at least see them. I unfortunately didn’t get to see them and so my amazing boyfriend decided to fulfill my wish and make me see them. I’ve seen a female moose and a baby moose before in a zoo, but not the male moose. And I’ve also seen bears in zoos when I was small, but as far as I can remember, they were mostly polar bears. 

I was excited like a little kid when we were walking through the zoo. Not because the animals would be so cool, I’ve seen majority of them before, but because I got to spend a great day with the best boyfriend in the world! 

The animals though were cool as well. I’ve for example never seen a snow leopard before. It was beautiful. And when we went to see the bears, one of them walked like half a meter around us – it was so cool! Wouldn’t want to accidentaly bump into that in the woods though! 😀

Here’s just a few photos from the trip – enjoy!




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