Where did my life go ???

I haven’t yet fully realized that the summer has begun and it’s already over. It feels like a few days since me and my friends said goodbye to each other in the end of June. Looking into my calender back then, I felt like two months in Finland is a really long time and now I’m sitting here, realizing that I’m leaving in a few days! How does the time pass by so fast?!

Until last year I felt like school would never end. I just finished elementary (first 9 years) 3 years ago! And yet, this year will be my last year of highschool, and I still don’t know what I will do. Will I continue studying? Will I take a year of, go be an aupair or a volunteer somewhere and continue studying later? Will I work? My future is still very blurred and yet it’s so close. Everyone around keeps pushing me to making decisions. And so I made one, but of a different kind!

As I realized that 1/4 of my life is almost over (if I’m lucky to live for around 80 years) I decided I won’t hunt the future anymore. I spent my childhood wanting to be adult. I wish I could now go back and enjoy being a child. I don’t want to worry about what I will do in 10 years, 1 year or not even 1 month. I want to live in this moment. Live today and live to the full. I don’t want to regret what had already passed and I don’t want to worry about what’s about to come. I want to make the most of my life and I have to start today. Because today will never come again.

Today is the first day of the rest of your entire life!

I’m sorry if this article is too confusing. 



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