Contact lenses experience!

It has now been one month since I changed from glasses to contact lenses, and so I wanted to give it a little review here in this post.

I got glasses in the spring of 2011 and hated them. I thought it was cool to see all the details again, of course, but hated the feeling of constantly having something in front of my eyes and got irritated always when I needed to look a bit up and saw the glasses frame. I believed it’d get better if I’d get wider glasses but no. Last summer my glasses broke. And so I didn’t use them until I really had to – school. I got my old glasses fixed (terribly!) and it was for sure they were going to break in no time again. And so they did. Guess when? 1 day before I went to Finland! And so I decided to end the painful glasses period of my life and as soon as we arrived in Finland I went to get my eyes checked and ordered lenses – my dream! 😀

Truth to say I was a bit afraid, worrying about what I’d do if it will take hours to put them in, they’ll get stuck in my eyes or if I won’t be able to take them out. Luckily, the first time I put them in it took ca 10 minutes and during a whole month I didn’t have a single problem with them. 

Let’s take out the next pair now! 🙂



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