”I really regret that run.” – Said no one. Ever.

So since I’ve come to Finland in the beginning of July I’ve been talking about that I will start going running. I’ve never really been running much, only at school on P.E. classes and the last time we’ve went with school was almost two years ago when we ran around 2 km.

Yesterday though, Benjam suggested we could go biking. So I said: ”OK, you can bike and I will run.” So we went. He always rode ahead of me and then waited somewhere. We ended up going 8 km to some fishing harbor (Fiskehamn), which means we also had to go back. So I ran/walked 16 km…

I feel really good about it but my body doesn’t seem to agree. My muscles are really sore. 😀 But I’m planning to go at least for a longer walk today again (maybe 3 km or something).




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