Fäboda - sunsetAs many of you know, I’m spending my summer holidays in Finland. My boyfriend is working and I, since I didn’t get a job, feel a bit like Rapunzel in Tangled when she was singing the When will my life begin song 😀 I’ve already read more than five books, almost finished a 1000-piece puzzle and spent hours on the computer. Quite boring, right?

But in the evenings and weekends we’re usually busy. There always is something to do. We meet people, go biking or walking, but the best thing so far was going to the beach. I would never believe it can get up to 30°C in Finland! 😀 And an another highlight of the summer was surely Power Park, which is an amusement park with a cool wooden roller-coaster.

To be at least a bit serious in this post, Finland is a really beautiful country! 🙂



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